Sunday, July 7, 2013

Step 12: SLUS translation

Now that we have translated the graphics and changed the width of our new characters, I think it's time to translate the game.

First we will focus on the SLUS file, it's a tiny file and it contains a few texts:

  1. "HP ????/????"
  2. "HP #/#"
  3. "Susceptible to poison"
  4. "Susceptible to acid"
  5. "Easily tranquilized"
  6. "Sensitive to heat"
  7. "Sensitive to cold"
  8. "Objects easily stolen"
  9. "Gets confused easily"
  10. "Failed to escape"
  11. "Can't escape!"

As you can see these are the messages that appear when you apply the command "Scan" over an enemy, so here we have some space limitations as each one of these messages cannot exceed the lenght of a single line.

To translate these texts we will need the following tool developed by CUE:

Put all those files in the same folder.

  • slus_msg.asm
  • slus_msg.tbl
  • translate.bat
  • SLUS_006.62
  • armips.exe

Now open slus_msg.asm with any text editor, I recommend you Notepad++. Go to the end of the file where you will see this:

Now you will have to translate those grey texts. Do not delete the quotation marks. After you are done, save and close the file.

Next step, open the file slus_msg.tbl with any text editor. Add your new characters after their corresponding hex code:

When you are done save and close the file.

Now double click the file translate.bat and that's it, now your translated messages are included in the SLUS.

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