Thursday, November 14, 2013

¡New patch published!

This update translates the introduction video, the Tutorial section, the transition screens between days and the ending graphic. The only thing that remains untranslated are the credits, basically because of space limitations. But that's not very important, I think.

Once again thanks Ombra and Chop for your magnificent tool, it was very complicated and boring but now we can say that this game is completely translated.

PPF patch (outdated)

XDELTA3 patch (outdated)

You will need the correct ISO images to properly apply these patches:

  • CD1: 495.531.120 bytes
  • CD2: 646.877.616 bytes

If you don't have the correct game size, please contact me using the form on your right.

To apply the XDELTA3 patch, just drag the ISO files onto the .bat file.

Please report to me every single error you may found in the game.

Thanks to:
  • xulikotony (for introducing me the romxhacking forum)
  • CUE (romhacking)
  • Ombra (tutorial section)
  • Chop (programming of tutorial section)
  • Gadesx (testing 1)
  • Agustín Ventalto (testing 2)
  • Sephirot1311  (video)


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Second testing finished

As you may or may not know, Agustín Ventalto was doing the second testing. Only a few errors were encountered, so now I'll try to fix them, check the whole script again to delete unnecessary capital letters and excessive ellipses. Please keep visiting my blog as the patch will be posted very very soon.

By the way, this second testing was performed using a PSP, just for your information.

Friday, September 6, 2013

First testing finished

Everything is ready and now the game is in the beta-testing stage, so keep visiting my blog as I will post the patch soon.

Thank you Gadesx for the testing.