Friday, August 23, 2013

Step 16: insert the texts

As you already know, CUE is taking care of the romhacking side of this project. He developed some tools that are able to insert the script in the game after the translation is finished. I don't have permission to upload these tools so if you wish to translate this game you will have to contact him.

Step 15: translate the texts

When you extract the script you will get 20 different TXT files. I recommend you to open them with and advanced text editor like Notepad++, I recommend you to activate the XML structure so you can see very clearly what needs to be translated.


Translate them very carefully, respect the tags. Keep in mind that each line should not exceed the lenght of 35 characters, more or less.

The files must be saved in ANSI format, not Unicode. Remember that the only characters that you can use are the ones that you have in the character set: