Sunday, February 23, 2014

More updates

I am currently working on some improvements which I always wanted to see in this game.

First of all I changed the original font. I never liked the old typewritter letters used by the original game, they don't look good in a Squaresoft game like this one, so now I'm using the beautiful and classic font Chicago which was used in several Squaresoft games in the past. This font is based on a Mac OS font and is very popular among fan translators as it has been used in numerous projects.

In the second place I improved the user experience by adding some color to the names of the characters. This is how it looks like:

The main character always in red (it must be red, no other options as this name is automatically inserted using a variable), and the rest of the characters are showed in yellow. How I did this? I simply added another set of letters in the TIM files:

As you can see there is a third set of letters, which I want to use to indicate the place you are supposed to go (Let's go to the museum, let's go to the hospital, etc). This is something I learned when I played Final Fantasy VII.

Finally I fixed some tiny errors that "Hernan" found in the script. Thank you very much for letting me know, I cannot accept errors in my translation!

So that's basically what I'm doing right now. Probably I should have done this since the very beginning of this project, but it was only some weeks ago that I discovered the font Chicago that gives us that Squaresoft flavor. Now I'm testing the game just to see if everything is correct, and hopefully I will post the new patch in the next few weeks.

What do you think, do you like these improvements?

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